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Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Manipulation Under Anesthesia For Hackensack Patients

Manipulation Under Anesthesia (M.U.A.) can be an excellent procedure for people who suffer from back pain, a herniated disc, a bulging disc, sciatica, shoulder pain, hip pain or knee pain. Here at Advanced Health Center, P.C. in Hackensack, NJ we offer advanced chiropractic care that are designed to enhance and augment traditional medical care and orthopedic treatment. At our office we specialize in the Graston technique, decompression therapy, extremity adjustments, muscle stimulation, manipulation under anesthesia and sports therapy. We pride ourselves in being able to provide valuable pain management and chiropractic therapies that increase motion, decrease pain and change lives.

M.U.A. is a valuable procedure for chronic neck, back and joint conditions that have not been responsive to conventional treatments. The procedure works especially well in cases of a herniated disc or a bulging disc. Anesthesia allows the chiropractor to perform treatments that would otherwise be too painful for the patient to tolerate. Moreover, anesthesia also shuts off muscle spasms and allows complete muscle relaxation. This enables the doctor to stretch shortened muscle groups and break up adhesions caused by scar tissue.

Hackensack and Bergen County candidates for M.U.A. include patients who have back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, hip pain or knee pain due to scar tissue buildup in and around the joints. This is often caused by multiple injuries or a failed surgery. Patients who suffer from chronic muscle spasms are also good candidates for Manipulation Under Anesthesia treatment. Athletes with chronic sports injuries that restrict motion and create pain are excellent candidates for manipulation under anesthesia of the neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees.The heightened sensitivity of the injured areas is negated by the anesthesia making treatment possible. M.U.A. can also provide effective pain relief in cases of severe back pain caused by a herniated disc or a bulging disc.

How are Hackensack and Bergen County Patients Selected for M.U.A. Therapy?

Patients are selected by our chiropractor using medical screening tests developed by the National Academy of M.U.A. Physicians. These tests make certain that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure and may include: an EKG, blood tests, a chest x-ray and when appropriate, a pregnancy test. Additional tests may also be necessary. During the M.U.A. treatment the patient is given a sedative (usually Deprivan, Verced, or Fentanol) that induces a lightly conscious state. Due to the lack of pain and anxiety the doctor is able to use joint manipulation and soft tissue stretches/manipulation more effectively. The procedure commonly lasts only 15 minutes.

After the procedure the patient is monitored by an OR nurse to make sure that their recovery is smooth. Following full recovery the patient usually receives fluids and a light snack. Post-procedure care begins the same day with further treatments such as cryo-therapy and electrical stimulation to reduce soreness. A follow up procedure may be necessary.

M.U.A. is usually followed by weeks of an intensive therapy program that includes stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises and periodic adjustments by the doctor. This post-M.U.A. rehabilitation is critical for regaining strength and prevent future back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or knee pain. Most patients see a substantial increase in motion and a decrease in pain right away.

Additional conditions that respond well to M.U.A Therapy include: Chronic disc problems including herniated disc without fragmentation and bulging disc without fragmentation, chronic sciatica, fibroadhesion buildup leading to shoulder pain commonly known as frozen shoulder and similar types of injuries that cause knee pain and hip pain, pain from neuromusculoskeleton conditions, chronic myofascitis, torticollis and cases of chronic re-injury.

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