Written Testimonials

"In the Fall of 2003, I met with Dr.  Angel Carrion, Chiropractor, with the Family and Sports Chiropractic Center in Paramus, NJ.  Some years before I had developed a case of medial epicondylitis that had been a persistent problem whenever I would engage in sports (golf) that would place a stress on the elbow, or during weight training.

Dr.  Carrion suggested using the Graston Technique as the injury was one of soft tissue.  He described the method and then pulled out a set of instruments that to me were more reminiscent of tire irons.  The treatment actually traced the injury into the shoulder and seemed extraordinarily simple to me at first.

These tools, the technique, and results, in the hands of a skilled practitioner ended up being nothing short of miraculous.  After a couple of days with some stiffness, the pain had completely disappeared.  Since then I have been able to play golf and return to my resistance training absolutely pain free.

I've been astonished that there is no residual pain and the injured area is as though the injury had never been present.  That was more than 9 months ago and there's never been even the slightest hint of a return of pain or soreness. 

As a fitness professional, I would never hesitate to recommend Dr.  Carrion and endorse this technique with any of my clients."    ~ J.D.

 "Weekly chiropractic visits have become an essential part of my health care routine since I started treatments with Dr's. Lisa and Angel Carrion six months ago.  I feel a great improvement in my flexibility, coordination and overall sense of well-being.  I no longer suffer from dizzy spells.  The doctors are knowledgeable in many areas, including holistic health, nutrition and physical fitness.  The competent and caring chiropractic services provided at the Advanced Health Center have created a framework for me to live a more pleasant and enjoyable life."  ~J.B.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for treating me.  Thank goodness I put my pride beside me and walked through your office door, only to admit how much pain I was experiencing.  The pain in my lower back was so significant, I truly considered giving up teaching Pilates and Spinning.  I kept asking myself how could it be that a person in such great physical condition be experiencing so much pain?

Before treatment, you took the time to listen.  In asking questions and listening to my answers, we all discovered amazing connections between the pain in my back and the restraining flexibility in my legs.  Dr.  Angel Carrion, you were right when you said to me, "no one should work out in pain."

Because of your knowledge and understanding, I know know chiropractic medicine is not solely based on the correct alignment of your spine.  It is based on the correct alignment of the spine and the entire body, including the muscles, joints, ligaments, and the  mind.  Chiropractic medicine also has the ability to open up the energy centers for the body in order to feel alive and well.  You have certainly taken chiropractic treatment to a higher level.

A visit to your office is like working with a physical therapist. getting a full body massage and taking a yoga class.  What you are really receiving is a full body treatment by the chiropractor!"  ~S.L.

"I feel compelled to write you both this letter to let you know how much I appreciate your work and the difference you've made in my life.  I came to you over a year ago as someone who had been suffering with pain for quite some time... years in fact.  In the past I'd gone to chiropractors for a quick fix.  I would get moderate temporary relief but somehow the pain would always come back and I was never too enthused with the prospect of continuing with my treatment.  It always seemed futile to me.  Something always seemed to be missing so I gave up.

From my first visit to your office I knew things would be different.  you asked me questions no one had ever asked.  I was forced to think about how I was leading my life and what I might be doing wrong.  Prevention was a concept I was preaching as an RN but not applying in my own daily life.  You've helped me make prevention a priority, encouraged me to improve the quality of my physical and emotional life, and understand the important link between the two.

Not only is the chiropractic pain I'd had for years now gone, but my entire body is now healthier and stronger.  I leave your office each week feeling physically and mentally charged.  Thank you for your care and the many ways you've changed my life.  You've exceeded every expectation I may have had and continue to give me great care."  ~ M.G.


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